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York comic book superhero Green Kid's out to save the world...

HE'S the latest comic book superhero on the block - and he hails from right here in York.


Green Kid travels back to the 2020s from his own time of 2064. His aim: to see if science can save his world from the ravages of climate change.

The Green Kid comic is the brainchild of academics at the universities of York and Teesside.

It has already been road-tested on children at two York schools - All Saints and Acomb Primary - and copies will be going out to every primary school in the city.

The researchers wanted to find a fun and accessible way of getting children aged 9-12 thinking about science and climate change.

University researchers produce comic about green research for York school children

Researchers have created a comic about green and sustainable chemistry research which will be given to all of York’s primary schools.

Developed by academics at the University of York and Teesside University, “Green Kid” aims to boost enthusiasm about science in children aged between 9 and 12. 

The project is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry and will ensure every primary school in York will be given 30 copies along with a teacher pack with extra learning materials. 


University researchers produce comic about green research for York school children

In the UK, researchers have produced a comic book about biobased products to help schoolchildren in the region get excited about the bioeconomy

Set in 2064, the plot sees Green Kid go back in time to the 2020s to check on how scientific research is creating green solutions to create a circular economy and help save the world from climate change. Green Kid’s adventures mainly focus on Cyrene, a biosolvent that can be used in everything from lithium batteries, carbon fibers, and medicine. 

Green Kid Page 1 (updated).PNG

Green Kid spreads the Cyrene™ message

Back in 2013, Circa’s CEO Tony Duncan came to the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York to talk to us about levoglucosenone (LGO). We dived into research and that’s how I became a co-inventor of Cyrene™, Circa’s bio-based solvent.

Fast forward nine years of working closely together and I’m excited to have been appointed Deputy Director of the new Circa Renewable Chemistry Institute. The main goal of the Institute is to help Circa grow by supporting its customers in the use of Cyrene™ and by doing that, we will advance the adoption of renewable chemistry. 


University Of York: University Researchers Produce Comic About Green Research For York School Children

The comic, set in 2064, sees the character Green Kid go back in time to the 2020s where they meet their inventor Summer as a child to see how scientific research to create green solutions and a circular economy could save the world from the ravages of climate change. 

The comic, which also includes educational games and puzzles, focuses on the sustainable solvent Cyrene™ – which was discovered by York researchers in 2014. The bio-based chemical can be used to sustainably manufacture a range of products from lithium batteries and carbon fibre bicycles to medicines. 

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